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Top 4 Pink Dildos Every Woman will Love

Top 4 Pink Dildos Every Woman will Love

One of the hot favorites in the contemporary dildo world, pink dildos always command a unique charm of their own. Dildos are primarily a toy for women. Yes, men too use it but since a dildo’s main function is penetration, it’s usually meant for the fairer sex. No wonder, the “pink” shade perfectly complements a dildo toy. Famed for its classic femininity, this very color is equal part playful and equal parts sexy. It won’t be exaggerating to claim that every woman out there would love to have at least one pink dildo in her arsenal.

Top pink dildos for you

Pink dildos are a hot favorite in the modern adult toy industry. You will find them in a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from. Are you too geared up to get your hands on a pink dildo? Well, here is a brief on some of the best pink dildos you may try for yourself.

Lifelike Lover Luxe Realistic Silicone Dildo

You have one lovely pink dildo here which duly impresses with its realistic textured silicone body. Its perfect swollen head is a solid turn-on and so are its firm balls. In regards to length, the dildo comes with a length of 6” which is sure to please you inside out. According to its users, this lover Luxe toy is fantastic for a truly passionate climax.

Top features of the dildo:

  • Realistic dildo with swollen rounded head as well as textured shaft that promise exciting internal sensations
  • Bulbous balls thrill with external strokes that take arousal to the peak
  • Amazingly versatile dildo which is great for both anal and vaginal penetration
  • Handy for pegging and strap-on fun
  • Made from hypoallergenic and body-safe silicone material
  • Waterproof dildo
  • Comes with suction cup for easy hands-free pleasure

BASICS Glow In the Dark Suction Cup Realistic Dildo

If you are planning some naughty toy session in the dark of your bedroom, this Glow In the Dark dildo from BASICS is sure to be on your wishlist. It’s neon light will accompany you all through which makes it ideal for a thrilling midnight menage-a-moi.

Added to its neon glow that guide you in the dark, the dildo also impresses with its amazingly realistic build. This pretty pink toy boasts realistic veins while its rounded head and strong balls complete the look with élan. In regards to length, the dildo features a length of 6” while its insertable length is a decent 5”. The dildo is especially made for beginners who are just starting out in the dildo world and has not tried the toy before.

Top features of the dildo

  • Realistic dildo featuring textured veins
  • Swollen rounded head as well as firm balls
  • Amazes with unique neon glow that renders a special edge to dildo sessions in the dark
  • Comes with suction cup that allows easy hands-free play
  • Great for both anal and vaginal stimulation
  • Works like a breeze with harness


Dorcel Multifunctional Realistic Extra Girthy Dildo Vibrator

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If you are longing for a pink dildo with a vibrating buzz, look no further. This Dorcel beauty is a multi-functional dildo-cum-vibrator all set to delight you with its extra girthy build and immensely powerful buzz. Its veined texture and prominent head beautifully complement the dildo’s realistic feel and assure excellent internal stimulation. In regards to length, the dildo comes with 7” insertable length and 5” girth. It’s one of the best you can have when you are craving for a bigger size. The vibrator part is extremely versatile and allows users to choose from 4 kinds of intensity levels and 7 settings.

Top features of the dildo

  • Thick and long realistic dildo with 7” insertable length
  • Dildo-cum-vibrator with 4 different intensity levels for each of 7 settings
  • Pronounced rounded head will stimulate all your internal hotspots
  • Crafted with ultra-smooth luxe body-safe silicone
  • Splashproof dildo which means you can easily use it in shower


Lovehoney G-Spot Satisfy Me Dildo

Sporting an innocuous look, this dildo can be easily mistaken as a cute pink mic. But there’s more to it than just fancy looks. Aptly named as “Satisfy Me Dildo”, this toy promises an extraordinary G-spot stimulation which is sure to make you croon in delight. The best part of the dildo is that it can arouse with both the ends. You can use its slender tip and huge bulbous head interchangeably to stimulate yourself internally. Besides, the dildo features a firm but flexible body that allows users to twist and bend it as per their specific needs.

And yes, the dildo is made from body-safe silicone which means you have a completely hygienic option here.

Top features of the dildo

  • G-spot dildo for powerful internal stimulation
  • Especially contoured for G-spot stimulation
  • Firm but flexible silicone dildo with realistic strokable texture
  • Lightly textured slim end and bulbed end for versatile sensations

All these dildos mentioned above have received excellent ratings from both experts and users. The price range, however, may vary from one toy to another. As a general rule, small-sized dildos usually cost less than large sized ones. But, if it’s your first time with a dildo, you should never aim for a bigger size. Long sizes look more tempting no doubt but they can be real painful for a body not seasoned in big sizes. Put simply, beginners should always start with small sizes.

Besides, always make sure to use plenty of lubes while using a dildo. You should put lube on your body as well as on the toy. Silicone and water-based lubes are the most common. But then, silicone lubes should not be used with silicone toys. Some of the pink dildos mentioned above are even sold in a combo offer with a high quality lube. So, if you have not got a lube yet, you may try out these combos. Finally, always make sure to clean and sterilize the dildo both before and after you use it. If you plan to share the dildo with your partner, you should always top it with a condom to avoid risks of infection.