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The most recommended type of butt plugs for men

The most recommended type of butt plugs for men

Like it or not, the anus is part of our erogenous zones, and any human being a little open-minded would do well to bend over it! And don’t tell me that it is an exclusively female pleasure! Men have just as many nerve endings there (not to mention the prostate!), and enjoying these pleasures will not make you a repressed homosexual, rest assured.

Different Kinds

There are all kinds of anal plugs but these are always designed so that they can be inserted as easily as possible into the anus. Of conical shape more or less swollen and rounded, they generally have a fine tip, a wide part which narrows, and then a wide and flat termination which allows the plug to be inserted gradually, but prevents it from getting completely lost in rectum (it would be a shame!). Still not convinced? Here are 3 good reasons why you should definitely try! In case of the But Plugs for Men this is important now.

  1. To prepare the ground gently…

If you have ever tried anal sex and you have bad memories of it, it is certainly that you were not prepared enough! The anal plug is precisely a sex toy intended to stimulate the anal pleasure and to prepare a penetration with a more important object (like a penis in erection, even an anal dildo!).

Used during foreplay, or even worn in anticipation of the act, it will be the perfect accessory for those who wish to learn about sodomy or simply familiarize themselves with this hidden and too often forgotten part!

  1. for visual and psychological excitement

Do you know what anticipation is? It is one of the strongest springs of sexual tension, and the anal plug is the perfect object to raise the temperature. As a woman, we love to see Alex’s eyes change when we tell him we wear one. A bit as if we told him that we had no cheek in the restaurant, but more powerful.

Visual stimulation is also an undeniable advantage of the anal plug, which is often also a very beautiful object comparable to a jewel, which will enhance your pretty buttocks.

  1. For orgasms like you’ve never experienced!

Quite frankly, we didn’t expect that when we was there for the first time. We had received the plug for a review and it was a little doubtful that we slipped this small shiny and metallic object in me. Not unpleasant feeling, but it was really when we started to touch myself that we understood the difference: all the sensations of pleasure are amplified, and we literally had a WAVE of orgasms to me make your head spin.

In fact worn by a woman, the plug tightens the vaginal walls and stimulates the Scene glands, equivalent to the prostate in men, hence a tenfold pleasure. In addition to that when worn during a report, the plug pleasantly increases the pressure on the sex of the man during penetration: you will tell us news!

Worn by a man, the plug stimulates the penis at its root and thus strengthens the erection. In addition, when it is well adapted, it stimulates the prostate, a source of much more intense orgasms and more abundant ejaculations: it is not for nothing that it is so popular!

We will now see when to use it!

When to use an anal plug?

The anal plug is most commonly used solo or as a couple.

  1. as a couple, to vary the pleasures

Beyond the aspects of anticipation and preparation before intercourse, the anal plug can also enhance vaginal penetration by strengthening the pressure of the vagina on the male sex, or by stimulating the prostate in parallel. In any case, intense orgasms are to be expected! You can even turn buying butt plugs at Love Plugs as a form of couple’s activity. This way, you can further learn what you and your partner wants.

  1. Solo

The plugs can be used solo and combined with a masturbation session to enhance the pleasure.

This allows you to tame your anal area alone, without being rushed by an overly pressing partner, and to prepare to receive a possible sodomy later. Some more experienced will also appreciate falling asleep with a plug and then waking up with this pleasant sensation, while others will prefer to go out with and get their excitement from this naughty little secret in their daily life.

Now see our step-by-step guide on using the anal plug:

How to introduce and use an anal plug?

Introduction and detailed use of an anal plug.

The preparation

Using your fingers or even your tongue if you feel like it, you can start to gently stroke your partner’s anus (or yours, the procedure is the same!). Don’t hesitate to take your time so that everyone is relaxed

The position

Here are several solutions. We recommend one of the following 3 to start with:

  • Lying on the side
  • On all fours (doggy style)
  • In a squatting position (either on the knees or on the feet)


Apply lubricant over the entire surface of the anal plug, and insert a well-lubricated finger into the anus, 2-3 cm maximum.


Point the anal plug at the entrance of the anus, and push it gently. Wait a few seconds for the muscle to relax and quietly adapt to the shape of the plug.

Without pushing it further, rotate it slightly on itself, gradually widening the circles. Gradually, the muscle will decrease its pressure and you can push the plug a little further.

Patience and perseverance!

If the insertion can be a little uncomfortable, it should certainly not hurt you.

Several tests may be necessary, especially the first times when you are less relaxed �

Your turn to try!

For some, this single penetration is sufficient.

For others, a back and forth game will be appreciated because it stimulates the anal crown, very innervated. Some will also like to rotate it in all directions, especially men, to reach and stimulate the prostate.

You can also contract your sphincter muscles for more intense stimulation.

And to withdraw it?

It is possible that after orgasm the sphincters tighten a little, but not panic, go there gently as for insertion! Take a deep breath, and pull gently on the base of the plug when you breathe out, pushing as when you go to the toilet.

How remove Plug-anal

Precautions for using the anal plug

If you want to avoid ending the anus in cauliflower, you will have to pay attention to these few points!

Nothing rocket science we grant you, but it would be silly to spoil the party with an injury, illness or something stuck in the rectum.